User Interface Design

  • Redesign Mockups: History page of a law firm website

    Website visual design

    Photoshop mockup of a "history" page for a law firm's website redesign, including an interactive carousel.

  • website layout

    Mockup of desktop site

    Quick iterations of the visual design of responsive web pages to refelct the new direction of a campaign.

  • Visual Representation: GluteninBeer Mobile App interface mocked up in Photoshop

    Mockups of mobile app

    Visual designs created in Photoshop showing various interactions and screens of a mobile app.

  • Wireframe iteration for ticket creation

    Wireframe iteration

    This is just one of many versions of the wireframe, which evolved tremendously with user feedback.

  • Mobile app style guide

    Mobile app style guide

    The style guide was creating in conjuction with a mobile app to ensure devlopers use the correct design specs.

  • Mockup of text feature in enterprise software

    Mockups of texting feature

    Customer and employee satisfaction greatly increased with the ability to text clients directly in the software.

  • responsive website mobile version design

    Mobile design

    Responsive web design must take many factors in to consideration across various platforms and devices.

  • Style Guide and Branding Guidelines: GluteninBeer Mobile App

    Style guide

    An app's style guide showing visual elements like fonts, colors, logo treatment and other specifications.

  • Responsive Wireframes: Omnigraffle wireframes showing how a customer can book an appointment online on a variety of devices

    Responsive website wires

    Wireframes created in Omnigraffle showing a website's responsive design from desktop to mobile.

  •  onboarding email campaign layout and UX design

    Tablet visual design

    Mockup created in Photoshop of the tablet version in responsive design of a commercial website.

  • Clickable Prototype: Winery App Balsalmiq mockup


    Wireframe-like clickable prototype of a mobile app that was created in Balsamiq to simulate a user flow.

  • Usability Testing Prototype: Winery App high-fideltity prototype

    High fidelity prototype

    Clickable prototype created in higher fidelity program so that the user can interact with interface on a device.