Prototyping tips: What you should know after a session

User Testing recently published a handy guide on prototyping called “Getting out of the office: Testing mobile app prototypes with user”.

Here are a few pointers of what you should know after prototyping your project.

When you’re finished testing at this stage, you should be able to answer these questions to validate your concept before moving forward to a higher fidelity prototype:

  1. What problem does your idea solve?
  2. How are users solving this problem currently?
  3. Can your target market think of another product that does something similar?
  4. How have previous solutions failed?
  5. Do users understand what this product or service does?
  6. How do users feel about the product or service?
  7. Who is your competition?
  8. What is the app for? What can users do with it?
  9. Does your target market actually have a need for this product?
  10. What devices do users imagine themselves using when they interact with this product?
  11. What scenarios can they picture themselves using it in?