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Skills and Expertice

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I am a user advocate. I strive to make every project I work on, from research to the final visual solution, always with the user in mind.

See more examples of UX Design in the Jennifer Blatz Online UX (User Experience) Portfolio.

See more examples of Visual Design in the Jennifer Blatz Online User Interface (UI) Design Portfolio.

Please download a PDF mini portfolio of Jennifer Blatz’s UX work.

User Experience Skills

• User experience design
• Usability testing
• Iterative design
• Qualitative reserach
• Wireframes
• Content audit
• Ethnographic observation
• Personas
• Low and high fidelity prototypes
• Heuristic evaluation
• Card sorting for taxonomy
• Task analysis
• Research analysis and synthesis
• Mockups
• Interviews, surveys and questionnaires
• Card sorting
• Communication with stake holders and teams
• Affinity diagram
• Sketching for collaboration
• Information architecture to organize navigation and site
• Competitive analysis and benchmarking
• Site maps
• Task flow and user journey
• iPad/Tablet app mockup
• Contextual inquiry
• Moodboard
• Style guide and branding guidelines

The premiere “Athena Restaurant Initiative” project involves several components often used by UX teams and individuals. Some skills I utilized in this project include rapid paper prototyping, usability testing, wireframe creation, information architecture, personas, user journeys and many more.

Download the entire summary of the Athena Restaurant project in PDF format here. (3.5 mb)

View VCA Booking Online Appointment case study.

View Wingspan Arts Website Analysis and Recommendations case study in PDF.

UX software proficiency

• Sketch
• Photoshop
• Illustrator
• InDesign
• Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud
• Omnigraffle
• Sketching for collaboration
• Service design blueprinting
• Axure RP
• Balsamiq Mockups
• usertesting.com
• Website design
• InVisionapp
• Dreamweaver
• Microsoft Office software
• HTML and CSS

Design and Art Direction Experience

• Mobile wireframes mockups
• Responsive mobile and website design
• Information graphics
• Email templates and design
• Tablet apps
• Email banners and online graphics
• Interactive PDFs
• Prepress and printing
• Typography, color theory and visual communication
• Corporate and publication design
• Photo-illustrations
• Logo development
• Branding and marketing
• Promotional materials including brochures, ads and presentations

Praise for Jennifer Blatz

“Jen was an excellent designer with a strong focus on the user. From user interviews to producing wireframes to working with developers, Jen was instrumental in shaping our applications. She was always fun to work with and brought a great sense of humor to the team!”

Adam Lind –Software Developer 

“Jen volunteered with Wingspan Arts through Catchafire to do an audit of our website. She guided us through the process of surveying our constituents and taking a critical look at our site. It was a wonderful and enlightening process. The final audit is clear and comprehensive, and we’re really looking forward to implementing Jen’s recommendations.

Jen is a great collaborator, and asks really insightful questions. She’s diligent, patient, and professional, and it was a pleasure to work together.”

Rachel Schweitzer –Director of Development

“She was tasked with creating a site for multiple target audiences. Clearly, an exercise in creative problem solving. The outcome of her multiple contributions is a much improved user experience.”

Wendy Moltrup – Content Strategist 

“She has the ability to rapidly conceive, visualize and iterate design solutions in a collaborative environment by thinking strategically and delivering pixel-perfect detail.”

Shraddha Swaroop – UX Designer specializing in collaboration, communication & innovation

“Jen is a smart, well-organized person who, at the risk of using a cliche, can take a sow’s ear and make it into a silk purse. Inquisitiveness is what pushes Jen to constantly expand her skill set as a designer. She has a tireless work ethic and always makes her deadline even under the most trying circumstances.”

Danielle Grimes – Designer and art director

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