Sketching for UX

Sketching for UX Design Jennifer Blatz

This week I decided to do a double sketch of the same topic. I find that I am having a visual blank for some topics. And the other problem I am having is that I do not execute drawing certain items like gears, people, faces and hands. Oh goodness I am so bad at hands. So I am going to do double the practice to improve my sketching skills a bit more.

So my first sketch is just drawing what comes in my head. The second sketch is looking at icons inline and trying to copy that. I hope that this will improve my skills in a few ways:

  • Think a bit harder about how to visualize things on my own
  • Going online for visual inspiration to help me get over my creative block
  • Using that inspiration to practice drawing while viewing the technique and style of simple icons
  • Thinking of how things can be represented in multiple ways – not just the first way that jumps in to my head
  • Drawing twice as much will hopefully get me to be a bit better. Practice makes perfect, right?




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