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20 Websites To Find Free High-Quality Images

Jennifer Blatz Design free stock photo sources from Hongkiat

I recently came across a valuable resource that I thought I would share with the group. “20 Websites To Find Free High-Quality Images” is an article sharing some of the latest ad greatest (?) sites to get free high resolution imagery. Though I have not perused all of the sources, this might be a good list to start with if you are looking for some images.

Thanks to Hongiat.com for all of the valuable articles. If you are not a regular reader of this blog, 2015 is a great time to start.

UXPIN’s Guide to wireframing free book

I came across a great resource the other day that I would like to share with you. UXPIN is a paid service for wireframing websites, tablet and mobile pages online. Though UXPIN is a paid resource, they do offer several valuable and FREE resources. One resource I would like to mention now is their free ebook “The Guide to Wireframing.

UXPIN's Guide to Wireframing ebook

Some of the resources I like in particular are:

  • The pros and cons of various wireframing techniques and software
  • Provided UI patterns and resources
  • Common UI trends in today’s most-used apps

Yes, it is kind of a pain to have to provide your email to get the book sent to you. But for the UI pattern aspect alone, I think it’s worth checking out. Enjoy.